Fort Collins Hash House Harriers


2018 May Hash 

What: FCH3 Hash

When:  SUNDAY, 27 MAY @ 2pm

Details:  graduations; hot auditoriums,legs sticking to the metal chairs, using programs as a fan to cool yourself off or hashing in the fresh air and drinking many libations under the warm sun? Touch decision, huh?

 Gonna make it easier on ya...trail has been moved to Sunday, May 27th at 2 pm- so now you can do both. 

Trail: somewhere in Northern Colorado, details to cum. What we do know...

Hares: How Many Rings Around My Anus and Tiny Whiney Bitch...basically...the Tiny Anus trail.

Any questions, comments, 867-5309.

Hash cash $5 if you bring a canned food item to be donated to the local food bank

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